Chapter 10: Establishing Requirements

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This is a website dedicated to the Volere template and process. It includes useful resources and downloadable versions of the template as well as frequently-asked questions and access to a discussion group. This is where the updated version of the Volere requirements template will appear. Another useful page from the Atlantic Systems Guild containing resources for requirements engineering is It links to articles, tool surveys, research projects, interest groups etc.
This is the website for InContext, Karen Holtzblatt's company, who developed the Contextual Inquiry approach to establishing requirements. The Methodology section of this website describes the full Contextual Design method, including Contextual Inquiry. The website also provides downloadable tools to support the use of Contextual Design.

A two-part article from smashing-magazine on developing personas, together with reader comments on persona use. Part 1 introduces what they are and how they work, while Part 2 looks at how to develop the right ones.

Skinput is a novel way to utilize skin as an input medium described on page 373 of the book. A video of skinput is available at