Chapter 12: Interaction Design in Practice

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Chapter 12 in both the physical book and ebook contains a number of web-based resources that support its content. The links below are in addition to those. is the website for the User eXperience Professionals’ Association. UXPA was established in 1991 as the UPA (Usability Professionals' Association) when Usability was considered to be an umbrella term for practitioners operating in this area, and it was changed in 2012 to reflect the changes in the industry. If you want to know what's happening in the professional world of UX design, then keep an eye on this website is an online magazine where you can read about the latest ideas and concerns of UX professionals. For example, a short comedy video that became very popular in professional circles illustrates the kind of frustrations that an “expert” may encounter when trying to respond to a client's request This article presents the Lean UX Manifesto, which is based on the agile manifesto (, but tailored to Lean UX This is the Windows desktop developer website which includes a range of resources including design principles. This site also contains links to resources for other Windows platforms.