Chapter 2: Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction

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Below is additional material associated with the topics covered in chapter 2.

Conceptual models

Jeff Johnson and Austin Henderson have written an article about conceptual models in a nutshell at:

David Liddle's chapter called "Design of the Conceptual Model" in T. Winograd (ed) Bringing Design to Software (1996) (pp17-31) provides a good overview. It can be found at: 

Classic interaction design

How IDEO's interdisciplinary team takes on the challenge of designing an innovative shopping cart.

Videos of classic conceptual models

The Sketchpad – Ivan Sutherland (1963) describes the first interactive graphical interface
The Mother of All Demos - Douglas Engelbart (1968) describes the first WIMP.
Intel’s Future Technology Vision (2012)
HP’s vision of CoolTown (2001)
Apple’s Knowledge Navigator (1987)