Chapter 11: Establishing Requirements

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The website dedicated to the Volere template and process includes useful resources and downloadable versions of the template as well as frequently-asked questions, case studies, tools and access to a discussion group. This is where the updated version of the Volere requirements template will appear.

Contextual Inquiry and Contextual design

The website for InContext has a lot of background information about Contextual Inquiry and Contextual Design, including a video by Karen Holtzblatt, who developed Contextual Inquiry, introducing Contextual Design. This explanation of contextual inquiry includes an example of conducting a contextual inquiry with a cab driver, and another video showing a contextual inquiry of a shopping trip.

Use cases for Interaction Design’s page on use cases has a useful list of elements for a use case and steps to develop a use case.


A two-part article from smashing-magazine on developing personas, together with reader comments on persona use. Part 1 introduces what they are and how they work, while Part 2 looks at how to develop the right ones.

Usable security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre website has a number of blog articles and accessible resources relating to usable security. For example, Security and Usability: you CAN have it all, Passwords, passwords everywhere, and Fixing all things .

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