Chapter 6: Emotional Interaction

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Below is additional material associated with the topics covered in chapter 6.

Emotion and interaction design

Aarron Walter’s blog (2018) on "Designing for Emotion"; includes a complete chapter from his 2011 book.

Dan Saffer describes the elements of interaction design that cover emotional aspects.
Angus Deveson (2018) has made a great video on “Emotional Design - How does a product make you FEEL?”

Affective computing

Ros Picard talking about emotion technology at a TedX talk

Automatic face recognition apps

You can download a free app that uses the front facing camera on your phone/tablet to recognize your emotions from:

A TED talk by Rana el Kaliouby (chief founder of Affectiva) in 2015 outlines how important this new field is, called “This app knows how you feel – from the look on your face.”

Links provided in the book: