Chapter 8: Data Gathering

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The Pew Internet and American Life survey reports regularly on different topics. The Pew Internet and American Life survey reports regularly on different topics. As well as providing interesting content, the survey design including the style of questions is available for viewing. There are also surveys that examine how particular issues impact different demographic groups, such as this one that examines the digital gap between rural and non-rural Americans:
and this one on teens social media habits and experiences:
It is also possible to access the results of surveys from previous years, and many more dating back several years.

There are several tools for creating web-based surveys including SurveyMonkey which provides tips about creating surveys as well as allowing you to try out their product. Many other survey building tools are available for purchase which also invite free-trials such as this one from An overview of several survey creation tools is available at This blog by Swetha Amaresan provides tips on creating questionnaires along with several examples.

The Free Management Library offers guidance on conducting research interviews Duke Global Health Institute describes five tips for conducting effective qualitative interviews and so does this guide from the Open University wikiHow lays out 13 steps for conducting successful interviews

Atlas.ti defines and identifies different types of observation processes for doing research Simply Psychology offers their categorization of observational research methods

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