Authors: Preece, Rogers & Sharp
Case Studies
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Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction  
Powerpoint slides

For each chapter of the book, instructors can download a set of powerpoint slides to use in their lectures or seminars. You can download these slides from the list below:

  1. What is Interaction Design?
  2. Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction.
  3. Understanding Users.
  4. Designing for Collaboration and Communication.
  5. Understanding how Interfaces Affect Users.
  6. The Process of Interaction Design.
  7. Identifying Needs and Establishing Requirements.
  8. Design, Prototyping and Construction.
  9. User-Centred Approaches to Interaction Design.
  10. Introducing Evaluation.
  11. A Framework for Evaluation.
  12. Observing Users.
  13. Asking Users and Experts
  14. Testing and Modelling Users.
  15. Design and Evaluation in the Real World: Communicators and Advisory Systems

We also offer more instructor materials elsewhere on the site, including case studies, interactivities and for each chapter of the book we offer web links and assignment comments written by the authors.

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