Knowing where to find high quality Interaction Design content can be a challenge - so we’ve put together this ‘starters’ page for you.
We recommend you use an RSS reader (such as Feedly to consume content, otherwise you’ll find it hard to keep up to date. If you’re more of a Twitter person, then you might find it useful to monitor the #IxD or #UX hashtag on twitter, or follow a twitter bot such as @uxfeeder. If you prefer a minimal fuss approach, why not just visit:

Blogs A blog about User Experience Design, Research and Usability, by Harry Brignull.

Looks good works well: An interaction design blog by Bill W Scott, Sr. Director, UI Engineering at PayPal.

Cennydd Bowles on User Experience: Cennydd is co-author of the book Undercover User Experience Design. A blog about IA, UX and findability by the information architect Peter Morville. A blog about User Experience by Leisa Reichelt.

Magazine sites

UX Mag: A popular industry online magazine

UX Booth: Another well known magazine, somewhat more web focussed.

52 Weeks of UX: A great collection of essays written by thought leaders in the industry.

Boxes and Arrows: dedicated to interaction design and information architecture.


IxD on YouTube: search results for the most recent interaction / experience design videos on YouTube.

IA Television: A collection of Information Architecture videos, curated by Jan Jursa.

Stanford University's HCI Seminar Series YouTube playlist: A video collection of seminars on people, computers, and design

Design Pattern Libraries

Pattern Tap: A collection of interface design solutions from all over the web, where users can mark patterns they like, and learn from other's design solutions.

UI Patterns: recurring solutions that solve common design problems

Dark Patterns: a library of 'evil' user interfaces intended to boost conversion rates by deceiving and manipulating users.