Authors: Preece, Rogers & Sharp
Case Studies
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Introducing Evaluation


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The websites in this category provide an introduction to usability evaluation. Some contain examples, descriptions of methods and links to case studies. Others contain discussions about topical issues and reading them will help you to gain an appreciation of what experts in the field are thinking about.

HCI Bibliography
This site is regularly updated by Gary Perlman and it provides an excellent selection of links to all kinds of HCI and interaction design sites that discuss evaluation.
This is Jakob Nielsen's site, which includes his 'Alertbox' a bi-weekly new column that reports topical events, Jakob's opinions, and lots of other news about Jakob and HCI. Reading the Alertbox column will help you to appreciate some of the key issues in this field.
This site contains articles and general information about usability that show how professionals think and talk about usability testing. You will also find specific material that is relevant to the chapter that follow.

AskTog: Practical Real World Design
Bruce Tognazzini's site provides thoughtful commentary on an eclectic range of topics. Read it to broaden your understanding of key issues.