Authors: Preece, Rogers & Sharp
Case Studies
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User-Centred Approaches to Interaction Design


Chapter Introduction | Web Resources | Assignment Comments | Teaching Materials
These are the web pages for the Coherence project. If you are interested in pursuing this area of research, you'll find them a useful starting point.
This is the website for PDC 2000, a biannual conference about participatory design. Here you'll find a selection of resources concerned with participatory design. The bibliography and short readings lists from the PDC98 and PDC2000 webpages provide further material to explore on this subject.
There's a short 'true'/'false' questionnaire for determining how user-centered your company is. I include this link not so that you can test your organisation's maturity necessarily, but to show you the issues that indicate whether or not usability is taken seriously in your organisation.
Part of the website for InContext, Karen Holtzblatt's company, this shows an overview of the whole Contextual Design approach. In the book, we only look at the first three steps.