Chapter 3: Cognitive Aspects

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Below is additional material associated with the topics covered in chapter 3.

Cognitive Psychology and Design

An article written by Jason Withrow on the contribution cognitive psychology, especially visual perception, can make to interaction design:

Cognitive Theories and HCI

An extensive critique of the role of theory in HCI:

Rogers, Y. (2004) New Theoretical approaches for Human-Computer Interaction. Annual Review of Information, Science and Technology, 38, 87-143. It can be found at the ARIST publisher’s website and also at Yvonne Rogers website.

Mental Models

There is lots of material on mental models on the web. A good introduction is by Ruth Byrne (a cognitive psychologist)

An article by Scott McDaniel “What’s your idea of a mental model?”

A podcast by Stephen Payne given in 2006 on mental models

Distributed Cognition

Start by having a look at the introduction to distributed cognition by Yvonne Rogers (2005) that can be downloaded from her publications homepage.

Ed Hutchins also has an introduction: