To support your use of our book, we offer some extra resources for each of our chapters. Using the menu above or the list of links below, you'll find:

  • The chapter objectives and introduction, as they appear in the book
  • A set of web resources that extend the subject treatment in the book.
  • Comments on the assignment at the end of each chapter.
  • A set of teaching materials (Powerpoint slides) based on the chapter content.


  1. What is Interaction Design?
  2. Understanding and Conceptualizing Interaction
  3. Cognitive Aspects
  4. Social Interaction
  5. Emotional Interaction
  6. Interfaces
  7. Data Gathering
  8. Data Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation
  9. The Process of Interaction Design
  10. Establishing Requirements
  11. Design, Prototyping and Construction
  12. Introducing Evaluation
  13. An Evaluation Framework
  14. Evaluation Studies: From Controlled to Natural Settings
  15. Evaluation: Inspections, Analytics, and Models