Authors: Preece, Rogers & Sharp
Case Studies
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The Process of Interaction Design


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This is the DSDM consortium site. Here you will find more detail about DSDM (a form of RAD development), its history, who is involved in its development and evolution, publications and events.
This site contains further information about Boehm's Spiral Lifecycle, including publications on the lifecycle itself, and its application.
If you are interested in learning more about patents and copyright, read up here about the controversy of the Amazon 1-click patent.

There has been a movement recently in software engineering towards 'agile methods', i.e. methods that are more lightweight (in terms of documentation and management procedures) than some of the more traditional approaches. One popular version is eXtreme Programming (XP). A good starting point to find out more about XP is Also see the Connextra case study on this site. Further information about agile methods is at