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Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction

Here is a list of selected Interaction Design resources

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Reference Materials

Wikipedia: Interaction design
Where better to start but Wikipedia?
A free, open-content, peer-reviewed Encyclopedia covering Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Design, Human Factors, Usability, Information Architecture, and more.

The usability toolbox
A dated but to-the-point, practical summary of some of the main usability methods.
Another "all about usability" site containing a good glossary of terms among other things.
The HCI Bibliography created by Gary Perlmann

Apple User Experience Design Guidelines
A great resource if you are interested in software UI design and are a fan of Apple's clean and easy to use style.

Windows Vista User Experience Design Guidelines
This is the Windows equivalent resource. It is interesting to compare this to the Apple guidelines, to see similarities and differences.

IBM ease of use resources
This site contains useful information on IBM's "user engineering" approach, which they describe as an extention to the User Centred Design (UCD) process.
Boxes and Arrows is a site dedicated to interaction design and information architecture. It has some great articles.
Another HCI / Usability site, offering news, resources and job information, among other things.

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Video clips

ACM CHI videos
Some great videos from the ACM CHI conference on

Usability videos on YouTube

Although famous for trashy viral videos, YouTube has some relevant educational videos.

Interaction Design videos on YouTube
More videos on YouTube, here tagged with the term "Interaction Design".

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The infamous alertbox from Jakob Nielsen.
A UK-based blog, considering all things to do with design, usability, interaction and everyday life.
This is Signal vs. Noise, a weblog by 37signals about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, our products, products we like, and more. Established 1999 in Chicago.
User Interface Engineering is a successful usability consultancy, started by Jarred Spool. This is their blog.
A blog run by Paul Adams, a UK-based usability consultant, and his take on the current issues in usability and "customer experience" design.

Creating passionate users
A great blog, and an easy read.
Etre are a small london-based usability consultancy firm. Their blog is light hearted and an easy read.
LBi group's corporate blog, that often contains interaction design, usability and accessibility related posts.

Pathfinder is a User-experience focused development firm based in Chicago and New York.
An online industry mag, created by writers, technologists, designers, marketeers & business people from around the world.

Cooper Newsletters
Although not strictly a blog, Cooper (a company started by Alan Cooper, Author of About Face, 'the inmates are running the asylum', etc), offer periodical articles via newsletter subscription.

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Techsmith's Moare will transform your PC into a usability lab. It's a fantastic piece of software that is widely used by almost all usability consultancy firms.

Axure is a website specification, wireframing and prototyping tool. It's ideal for usability practitioners who aren't so great at coding.

The long standing Information Architect's workhorse. Although considered quirky and ugly by some, it has a great deal of flexibility once you've overcome its learning curve.

Many mac users prefer to use Omnigraffle to do their wireframing and IA design. It's simple and usable interface is likely to win you over.

User focus's Data logger
This free excel file contains some macros to make it easy for you to collect data during your user study. Can be used in conjunction with morae.

Usability Testing Environment

Similar to User Focus's data logger but more fully featured, this also assists in data capture for user studies. Can also be used in conjunction with Morae.

This website allows you to create fantastic online surveys. As well as traditional surveys, it is very useful for capturing data during diary studies, or even during one-on-one user tests. A paid subscription is required to use its full feature-set, but this is only $20 a month.

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Bookmark sharing sites

Bookmark sharing sites are a great way of finding out what other people are currently reading about in the subject of interaction design and usabuility. Check out and Digg.

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Connecting with people
Interaction Design Association (IxDA) - a professional association.
The Usability Professionals association has regular meet-ups in various cities around the world.
A free organisation that aims to make connections among people, resources, and organizations involved in User eXperience (UX) around the world.
Stay in the know about upcoming events, news and jobs via this site, provided by the British HCI group.

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